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Huisartspraktijk Hoff/Joossens
Pieter Corneliszoon Hooftlaan 10 5611NV


General practitioners Hoff-Joossens

PC Hooftlaan 10
5611NV Eindhoven


Insulindelaan 134
5613BT Eindhoven
Tel 040-2444386

Medical team

For our medical team click here.


The practice has 2 locations, both are available via tel: 040-2444386.

If you want to make an appointment on the same day, please call before 10 am. The assistant will try to give you an appointment the same day. Please also give your preference for the location and/or doctor.

We have a possibility for e-consultations, please follow this link. The general practitioner will answer within 2 working days.

For prescriptions, please use the prescription line or through our online prescriptionform. Between 10h-12h and 14h-16h you can call our assistant for other questions.

On our Insulindelaan-location you have the possibility to make an appointment in the morning or in the afternoon from monday-thursday. As from july 2021 our practice is situated at the 2th floor.

Registration new patiënt

Our practice is open for new patients.

In The Netherlands it is obliged to subscribe with a general practitioner.

If you are a new patiënt, you can follow the registration form to subscribe to the practice Hoff-Joossens